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APAF Model Change

Starting this year, APAF will change from a “forum” where young Asian artists gather to a “farm” model. With a focus on two programs—the APAF Exhibition, which demonstrates the potential of performing arts works by Asian artists, and APAF Lab., which aims to nurture independent artists via an art camp format—a new Asian “farm” will open to produce artists and programs to cultivate the future performing arts scene in Asia.

(APAF Director, Junnosuke Tada)




APAF Exhibition



Oct.25th (Fri)15:00

Oct.26th (Sat)11:00/16:00



Oct.27th (Sun)11:00

To places
we cannot reach alone

Welcoming as its co-directors Issa Manalo Lopez and Tomohiko Kyogoku, who participated in last year’s APAF, this event will see unique performers from across Southeast Asia and East Asia residing in Tokyo for one month to create works. In addition, a public appeal was made not only for participants but also for artistic, costume, and directorial assistants. Not only will participants with different backgrounds gather, talk, perhaps even clash, and stage the results of their collaboration, but the final wrap-up will reflect back on their trajectory.


In human resource development, the important thing is not only sites of output such as performances and presentations, but also the processes leading to those sites. The APAF 2019 special site will also include aspects of the creative process, such as the exhibition's rehearsal venue report and the Lab. Program.

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Young Farmers Camp

A way for ultra-young artists to experience the leading edge!

At the Young Farmers Camp, intern artists aged in their teens to their twenties will visit the Exhibition and Lab. sites to experience where international creation is made.
Here at the Young Farmers Camp, ultra-young artists will take their first steps toward broadening their horizons, with the aim of spreading their wings overseas in the future.

APAF 2019 Members



Yogyakarta and Tokyo.
Confront the self in two cities.

Lab. places emphasis on the process, without seeking output of completed works. Facilitated by their captains, participants will deepen their own awareness of problems and creation of their work through workshops, theatrical works, discussions, and fieldwork in Yogyakarta and Tokyo.
In the final presentation, young Asian artists will share their thoughts and ideas throughout this journey with the audience.


Oct. 27th (Sun)13:30


Photo by Hajime Kato


APAF Director

​Junnosuke Tada

Born 1976. Director. Presides over Tokyo Deathlock. Active across a wide range of works from classical to contemporary drama, dance, and performance works, continually questioning the actuality of involvement in modern society. Works with children and others who are not theater specialists, and is also involved in many overseas co-productions, particularly with Korea and Southeast Asia, engaging in a borderless fashion using theater’s power of collaboration. Has served as Artistic Director of public theater at Kirari Fujimi Cultural Centre in Fujimi City since 2010, with 3 consecutive appointments over 9 years, among the youngest in Japan. In 2014, Karumegi received the 50th Dong-A Theater Award for direction in Korea—the first foreign winner. Involved as a director with the Seinendan theater company. Part-time lecturer at Shikoku Gakuin University and Joshibi University of Art and Design.

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APAF 2019

Organized by Tokyo Festival Executive Committee
[Toshima City, Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation, Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee,

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture(Arts Council Tokyo & Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre)]

Co-organized by The Japan Foundation Asia Center


In cooperation with Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2019

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