Young Farmers Camp

A way for ultra-young artists to experience the leading edge!

At the Young Farmers Camp, intern artists aged in their teens to their twenties will visit the Exhibition and Lab. sites to experience where international creation is made.
Here at the Young Farmers Camp, ultra-young artists will take their first steps toward broadening their horizons, with the aim of spreading their wings overseas in the future.

Participants : Shinichi Anasako, Hee Jin Kim, Hirotaka Kumagaya,  Itto Sakai,  Megumi Yamashita  

*In Alphabetical Order



Shinichi Anasako

Launched Blue Egonaku in 2012 in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture. Has written and directed all subsequent works.

Distinctively incorporates highly musical lyrics (lyric poetry) into plays, using directorial techniques with a powerful sense of beat. Also produced stages performances in all kinds of places aside from theaters, including shopping streets, malls, and inside monorail cars. Selected as Takamatsu City Artist-in-Residence for 2016, and has expanded activities to include KIPPU, the ROHM Theatre Kyoto x Kyoto Art Center U35 Creative Support Program, and more.


Writer, Director

Hee Jin Kim

Playwright, director, and head of Gekidan Hiza theater company. Currently studying at Nihon University College of Art, Graduate School of Fine Arts research program. In 2015, was awarded a grand prize for the work bot at the 3rd Youth Drama Festival hosted by the Korea National University of Arts. Has worked as an artist at the Seoul Theater Center and the National Theater Company drama showcase. Produces many creative works focused on absurd themes.



Hirotaka Kumagai

Began involvement with drama upon entering university. Formed the theater unit Heisei Retro in May 2018 in the course of undertaking drama circle performances. The group gave a performance in August of the same year.

[Main participating works]

Devised and performed in Shiketa Hanabi to Hiuchiishi by Aoi Minatomachi × Theater Company EnTRoPy

Adapted, devised, and performed in Heisei Retro launch performance of Romeo and Juliet

Wrote, devised, and performed in theatrical intercollege participatory work Amageshiki, 2018.

Stage department in Saka no Ue no Ie, SAF+PRODUCE #3



Itto Sakai

Born in Tokyo in 1992. Produces performance art works to create for the Art of "Here and Now", and runs workshops for those with no performance experience to create sites that examine one-on-one relationships. Began drama activities while still at Keio High School, and established A Heart of Meme in first year at university. In addition to writing and directing for four performances, also planned and organized as a general producer for two joint performances of the Waseda, Meiji, Nihon University College of Art, Oberlin, and Aoyama Gakuin college theater companies. Lived in Berlin for one year from 2017. Traveled to 11 countries, mainly in Western Europe, visiting theaters and museums.


Director, Choreographer

Megumi Yamashita

Born in 1998. Director/choreographer. Presides over Hitogoto theatre company. Involved as a director with the Seinendan theater company.Graduated from Saitama Prefectural High School of the Arts, Performing Arts Department. Studied a wide range of subjects at high school including drama, classical ballet, contemporary dance, and Japanese dance. In addition to creating theatrical and dance works, also runs regular dance workshops for children and actors.