APAF Exhibition

To places
we cannot reach alone

Welcoming as its co-directors Issa Manalo Lopez and Tomohiko Kyogoku, who participated in last year's APAF, this event will see unique performers from across Southeast Asia and East Asia residing in Tokyo for one month to create works. In addition, a public appeal was made not only for participants but also for artistic, costume, and directorial assistants. Not only will participants with different backgrounds gather, talk, perhaps even clash, and stage the results of their collaboration, but the final wrap-up will reflect back on their trajectory.


Co-direction: Issa Manalo Lopez (The Philippines), Tomohiko Kyogoku (Japan)

Cast : Fitri Anggraini  (Indonesia), Paopoom Chiwarak (Thailand), Keita Hara (Japan), Jared Jonathan Luna (Philippines) , Emi Oyama (Japan), Su Ling (Taiwan)  *In Alphabetical Order

Assistant Director: Yuuka Koyama
Scenography: Osamu Shikichi
Costume: Taiki Nagase

Period:2019 Sep. 26th (Thu) - Oct. 30th (Wed)


Oct. 25 (Fri) 15:00

Oct. 26(Sat)11:00/16:00 


Oct. 27(日)11:00

Ticket: Admission Free, Reservation Priority

​Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre West
1-8-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0021
2-minute walk from West Exit of Ikebukuro Station on JR lines, Tokyo Metro lines, Tobu Tojo Line, and Seibu Ikebukuro Line   
*Directly accessible from Exit 2b of Ikebukuro Station underground passage

In this project, one must face one’s personal history with honesty and be brave enough to share it. I am interested to see how our diverse methods will come together and discover where this conversation will lead us.

She creates one-woman autobiographical performances. Her last solo performance about depression, "I: Underwater" was featured in a Theatre Festival on Mental Health. Prior to this, she performed “I”a her-story vis-a-vis the socio-political context of the Philippines during of Marcos’ Martial Law until the present. Issa advocates for the empowerment of women and creates socially engaged works. She co-directed The Virgin Labfest’s  “Labor Room”, a play exposing conditions in a public maternity hospital, and devised COLONIZE(D): Duet on Identity & Intersectionality with American Siobhan O’Loughlin, a performance that examines empathy in a post-colonial context. She directed the documentary-theater performances “KAPIT: stories of Haiyan survivors", “Ang Mga Naiwan”- testimonies on Extra Judicial Killings, and the“Negros Food Project”- about the killing of Negros farmers. She is set to direct Caryl Churchill's "Top Girls" in 2020.

Theatre Director, Actor, Performance-Maker

Issa Manalo Lopez (The Philippines)

As well as meeting new participants, I hope that our continued relationships with last year's participants will deepen our creation. Moreover, I hope that this exhibition will be an opportunity for all participants, including the audience, to think about "My home country and Asia, myself and the world".
WS出_Fitri Rainy.jpg

Graduated with a Degree in Performing Arts from the Art Institute of Jakarta in 2016. She was chosen as one of the young choreographers for the Indonesia Dance Festival in 2014. Proud participant in the renowned “Lokakarya Kepenarian” workshop in Bogor, West Java and in “Lokakarya Artistic” in Malang, East Java, joining “Art Mission” in Cultures Croisées En Ile-De-France in France, followed by again being the chosen choreographer for Indonesia Dance Festival 2016 with an original piece titled KABA. Moreover,in 2017, she performed as a dancer in a piece called Real Reality by Nibroll,and achieved the Hibah Seni Inovatif Award 2017 from Yayasan Seni Kelola Indonesia. She collaborated as a performing dancer with renowned choreographer Ismaera Takeo Ishii for Love & Intestine and was one of the chosen choreographers for South East Asian Choreolab 2018 and public showcase “Koreografer Muda Terpilih,” having been chosen as a young choreographer by the institution of Teater Salihara.

Actor, Dancer

Fitri Anggraini (Indonesia)


Paopoom was recently graduated from Chulalongkorn University. He was initially trained in Thai Classical Dance prior to transferring his studies to Motion Pictures (Films).
His skepticism in “Dance” and “Film” has drawn his interest and curiosity to explore the correlations of both qualities and limitations between the "moving image" and the "moving body". Exploring these two main aspects allows him to approach a better understanding in the matter of life and the reasons of being.
Paopoom is currently a freelancer: videographer, video editor, amateur contemporary dance instructor and choreographer. He basically does almost everything if needed to suffocatingly gain for a living and to deliberately observe the lives of his own and other's.

Contemporary Dance Practitioner 

Paopoom Chiwarak (Thailand)


Born in New Jersey, the United States of America. Moved to Sapporo, Hokkaido at the age of 9. A graduate of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. As an actor, he works in theatre and films not only in Japan but internationally. He also works as a model. Keita appeared in such as “Resident Evil: Retribution” (Paul W.S. Anderson), “TOKYO TRIBE” (Sion Sono), “Les Moutons” (David Danzon / CORPUS Dance Project) and “Paper” (Tze Chien Chong / Japan-Singapore International Co-production).


Keita Jimmy Hara


Jared Jonathan Luna is a dance scholar and artist based in Quezon City, Philippines. Originally an urban dancer, Jared was part of the UP Streetdance Club in the University of the Philippines Diliman. After finishing his masters in Dance Anthropology, he joined Daloy Dance Company where he performed the company’s repertoire in local and international venues. Since 2017, Jared has been pursuing an independent career as a performer and choreographer. He has since performed solo and collaborative works in Manila, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Hungary, and New York.   A sweet tooth, Jared eats a chocolate kit kat bar every after a performance.

Dancer, Choreographer

Jared Jonathan Luna (The Philippines)

emi oyama.jpeg

She started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 8, and started contemporary dance and ballet and jazz dance at the age of 18. She has participated in works by Shinji Nakamura, Mako Kawano, Mikuni Yanaihara, Yao Shu-Fen, Pichet Klunchun, Miwa Okuno, Saori Hala as a dancer. She has been participated in Nibroll dance performances since 2010. 
Since then, she has actively participated in overseas performances as a main dancer. 
She also performs solo performance and collaborative performance with artists.

Dancer, Choreographer

Emi Oyama


Su Ling, graduated from the Drama Department of National Taiwan University of the Arts and have taken physical training including dancing, Suzuki Method, and physical mime. She had been a Rehearsal Assistant of《Kaléidoscope》,a program coproduced by Taiwan Performosa Theatre Company, Macau and France. Also, she have been doing physical mime performances with L'Enfant S.Physical Theatre and had joined two Dance Film Programs by Dancecology.


Su Lin (Taiwan)


Dancer, Choreographer

Assistant Director: Yuuka Koyama

Born in Nagano Prefecture. Aside from working as a choreographer and dancer, also has production experience working as an assistant director in Japan and overseas. Active as choreographer, performer, and director of mi-kuni's Inochi Tendenko (2015–present); choreographer of Ney Hasegawa's Into the White Night (Shanghai, 2018); and assistant director of Hiroshi Koike's Bridge Project Mahabarata Complete Version: Endless Bridge (Indonesia, 2019).


Dancer, Choreographer, Space sculptor

Scenography: Osamu Shikichi

Started creating performances in Berlin during a study abroad period, inspired by the commonalities between choosing poses for sculpting the human form and dance choreography, as well as interest in the physical body as a medium. Creates works aimed at capturing a sense of reality as everything becomes homogenized and simulated, and critically framing the performance space. Recent activities include Nakanojo Biennale 2019, Dance-no-Tenchi Vol.2, and more. Currently enrolled in graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts.


Actor, Costume

Costume: Taiki Nagase

Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Drama and Acting Course. After graduating from university, developed an interest in the influence of costumes on actors and the function of stage costumes, and went on to study design and sewing for two years under a designer. Currently working as a fashion consultant and independent producer of custom shirts, as well as designing and producing stage costumes and designing and selling products inspired by performances, on the theme of “clothes that signify the prayers of the body.”

Open-call staff
PHOTO_Tomohiko Kyogoku.jpg

Head of “Tomohiko Kyogoku Dance Project.” Director at “Kyoto Dance Creation,”a place for interchange and performance among young writers. After studying at the Department of Performing Arts at Kyoto University of Art & Design, he worked as a choreographer on both the national and international scenes. His solo dance performance Cairo was performed in 10 cities across 4 countries. In 2015, he took a residency in Vienna as part of a foreign training program by the government of Japan’s agency of cultural affairs, in addition to performing in China, Mexico, and South Korea. Alongside these activities, he works at elementary schools, middle schools, and universities, giving special lectures and workshops.

Dancer, Choreographer

Tomohiko Kyogoku



Stage Manager: Stage Work URAK
Sound: Satoshi Shimanuki
Lighting: Yuho Shimada(LST)