Yogyakarta and Tokyo.
Confront the self in two cities.

Lab. places emphasis on the process, without seeking output of completed works. Facilitated by their captains, participants will deepen their own awareness of problems and creation of their work through workshops, theatrical works, discussions, and fieldwork in Yogyakarta and Tokyo.
In the final presentation, young Asian artists will share their thoughts and ideas throughout this journey with the audience.

captains: orangcosong

Participants: James Harvey Estrada (Philippines), Ayumi Hamada (Japan), Arsita Iswardhani (Indonesia), Tetsuya Iwasawa (Japan), Yen-Cheng Liu (Taiwan), Hyeonji Park (South Korea), Porntep Petchsumrit (Thailand), Sharifah Aleysha Al-yahya (Malaysia)  

*In Alphabetical Order

First session: Lab. Yogyakarta September 27 (Fri) - October 3 (Thu), 2019

Second session: Lab. Tokyo October 21 (Mon) -October 27 (Sun), 2019


Oct. 27 (Sun) 13:30

Ticket: Admission Free, Reservation Priority

​Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre West
1-8-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0021
2-minute walk from West Exit of Ikebukuro Station on JR lines, Tokyo Metro lines, Tobu Tojo Line, and Seibu Ikebukuro Line   
*Directly accessible from Exit 2b of Ikebukuro Station underground passage


An art collective founded in 2019 by Chikara Fujiwara and Minori Sumiyoshiyama, who have been active mainly in Asia. A married couple, they connect and create with others on each project. Their activities are based on the experience of performing arts, but transcend any genres and positions. The group's name was conceived based on the Indonesian words orang (person) and kosong (empty). The Chinese name is 偶然空耸.

Art Collective


Photo by Hajime Kato

Tokyo is also part of Asia. Geographically speaking, it is a massive city in the Far East. But what foreign contexts will participants bring to this city of Tokyo from all over Asia, and what new possibilities will they discover? Please come to witness and share this moment.

Born in Kochi (Japan) in 1977. He is based in Yokohama and is active in Japan and overseas as a critic/artist/curator/dramaturg. In order to connect a world divided by “invisible walls,” he produced a touring project called “ENGEKI QUEST” in Yokohama, Kinosaki, Manila, Düsseldorf, Ansan, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Bangkok. Inspired by his interest in human mobility, he created the performances “Woman in A Port” (2017) and “HONEYMOON” (2018), and he invented “IsLand Bar” with transnational artists at ADAM 2017 and Taipei Arts Festival 2018. As a dramaturg, he has participated in “Hitsudankai” by Minori Sumiyoshiyama since 2018. As a critic, he co-authored “Engeki Saikyo-ron: New Currents in Japanese Contemporary Theater” (2013) with theater journalist Kyoko Tokunaga, and also co-manages the website “Engeki Saikyo-ron-ing.” Since 2017, he has been a Senior Fellow at The Saison Foundation and the East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Artist, Critic, orangcosong

​Chikara Fujiwara

The participating artists will grow themselves in the soil of two cities for a total of two weeks. Their intention is not to show off perfect fruit. Rather, they will develop as fresh shoots—of species of fruit as yet unknown. Please come together to tend and water them.

Born in Osaka (Japan) in 1986. She studied architecture at Kyoto Institute of Technology. She acted based in Kyoto in various directors' works including contemporary dance, butoh, and theater. She belonged to the butoh group Sennichimae Blue Sky Dance Club (2009–11) and the dance company Ensemble Sonne (2013–18), and became an associate member of the performing arts group dracom (2018–). Since 2010, she has worked on her own creations. Her works focus on the relationship between space and body, and also create relationships with audiences by making her own tools such as balloons or karuta (Japanese traditional cards), etc. Sometimes she collaborates with musicians or architects; for example, she recently danced with contemporary musician Tam Pham on a train track in Hanoi. Since 2017, she has performed "Hitsudankai – From now/here, Silence" in Kyoto, Osaka, Busan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Kochi, Yangon, and Yogyakarta. In this performance, participants communicate by only writing in complete silence. She has participated in Chikara Fujiwara's “ENGEKI QUEST” and “HONEYMOON” in various Asian cities since 2017.

Artist, Dancer, orangcosong

Minori Sumiyoshiyama

james portrait.jpg

Artistic director of The Scenius Pro a contemporary performance company. James' works advocates on empowering the Deaf community with Hear, Here!, HIV stigma reduction with Reign-Bow a drag-vocacy and Maikling Dasal, Mahabang Gabi a theatre play on the plight of Overseas Filipino Works.
Performing arts mentor at the Regional Lead School for the Arts in Angono and founder of Luwal Sining-Pagganap, the official performing group of RLSAA, a collaboration of five art areas; music-vocal, music-orchestra, dance, rondalla and theater arts.
He also writes and directs television programs for GMA Network.

Theater-maker, Performance-maker, Film-maker

James Harvey Estrada (The Philippines)


Actor, producer of Futarikko Produce. Graduated from the Department of Theatre at the University of Victoria in Canada. After graduating, she worked as an actor in Tokyo and returned to her hometown, Kochi in 2014. Comes from a family of Japanese paper (washi) mill with a 200-year history, she started “Washi+Performing Arts? Project” to promote washi through the performing arts. She produced and performed in ON A WINDY DAY, directed and choreographed by Ryu Suzuki, and Paper (full performance scheduled for 2020), written and directed by Tze Chien Chong.

Actor,  Producer

Ayumi Hamada

Arsita Iswardhani.JPG

She is a member of the collective of Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute, a multi-disciplinary performance collective in Yogyakarta. Their works explore the various possibilities of performance approaches in responding to both the personal and social issues. Engaging with a diverse intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches, she is interested in expanding the corporeal aspect of performance as a means of knowledge production. She is also actively making and doing solo project of performance art which have been presented in national and international festivals.

Actor, Performance-maker

Arsita Iswardhani (Indonesia)


Born in 1990 in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. Director. Representative of theater apartment complex libido:.
Committed to creating works that explore beauty and prioritize the phenomena that arise from work on site. Previous works include The Elephant (Minoru Betsuyaku), Paper Balloon (Kunio Kishida), The Signatory (Kunio Shimizu), The Blue Bird (Maurice Maeterlinck), and Goshogun no Ashi no Tsume  (Jong-yul Park). 
A support Artist of Steep Slope Studio. Received the Award for Excellence in Directing (runner-up) at the Toga Theater Competition in 2017. Participated as the Japanese representative in the BeSeTo Theater Festival 2018 (held in Korea).


​Tetsuya Iwasawa


Choreographer, performer, music designer and artistic director of Dua Shin Te Production. Graduated from Graduate Institute of Dance, Taipei National University of the Arts. With the piece Nowhere he was awarded a special prize for choreography by Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition (2013). His duet piece Tschuss!! Bunny, the winner of S-AN Artistic Creation Award, has toured many cities in Asia and Europe. He has also collaborated with other choreographers or companies in Macao and Singapore, such as Frontier Danceland. His works include The End of Journey (2018), Monster (2017), under surface (2016), The Highest Place-All the Same (2015), Tschuss!! Bunny (2013), among other

Choreographer, Performer

Yen-Cheng Liu (Taiwan)


Born in Seoul. She is a director of greenpig and active in Seoul, Korea. She has interest and explored in social issues like social inequality, labor and differences between generations. She collaborated with actors and staffs through research and discussion. Hyeonji directed "History of Discarded Paper" (2018) and "Behind Cut" (2016). Hyeonji was a member of the 2019 Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab and Doosan Art Lab 2019.


Hyeonji Park (South Korea)


Born from Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai 1991. Grow up with a small art & music scene. In 2010 come to study Bachelor of Architecture (Thai Architecture), Silpakorn University, Bangkok. In the college period become to make Production in college club as Actor, Assistant director and Director.  Live and work in Bangkok as Project Manager in Thong Lor Art Space and Independent Producer. Recently project 'The Low Fat Art Fes Vol.03', I contributed critical roles as 'Artist Engagement' and also acted as 'Co-Curator' in music programmes. 


Porntep Petchsumrit (Thailand)

Sayang_Headshot_Director_Sharifah Aleysh

Aleysha was always observant of the people and stories around her. Both a film and theatre maker with several short films to her name as well as a few theatre productions, Aleysha has acted, directed, written and produced for both film and theatre. She hopes to move her career even further by delving into directing her first theatre play and even creating content for tv and streaming. Aleysha has always been confused as how to refer to herself until her husband referred to her as an artist and she's slowly forcing herself to be comfortable with that.

Actor, Director, Writer, Producer

Sharifah Aleysha Al-yahya (Malaysia)