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Young Farmers Camp

A place for artists (under 30s)
to experience the cutting edge

APAF Young Farmers Camp (YFC) is a study group for Japan-based rising talents (under 30s) in the performing arts. Participants will attend lectures, engage in lively discussions with their peers and foreign artists, as well as observe firsthand the intercultural creative and collaborative processes that take place at APAF. The program encourages its participants to gain new perspectives that will shape their future, allowing the various “seeds” within them to take root.


  • YFC Facilitator
    Yukio Shiba​ >> Profile

  • YFC Participants
    Yukako Honbo (Playwright, Director, Actor), Haruna Hori (Actor),  Rei Ohashi (Production Coordinator, Theater Staff), Naoyuki Sakai (Dancer), Kapi Shido (Playwright, Director) 
     *in alphabetical order by last name.
    >> Profiles


YFC Facilitator

Yukio Shiba

Yukio Shiba profile photo

Yukio Shiba is a playwright, director, and the head of theater company Mamagoto. His theater practice, which takes him across the county, transpires in various places and forms, whether it be in the theater, onboard a ship, as a school play, or a factory tour. In 2010 Shiba won the 54th Kishida Kunio Drama Award for Our Planet. From his participation in Setouchi Triennale 2013, he began an ongoing regular residency in the island of Shodoshima in Kagawa Prefecture: he has continued to create and present works that engage the islanders and tourists, giving rise to a form of theater that depends entirely on the given time, place, and people involved. In 2017 Shiba presented In our distance, there is no sorrow., in which two plays are performed simultaneously in two adjacent theater spaces, at Festival/Tokyo 2017. This work was recreated and presented the following year, at Taipei Arts Festival in Taiwan. Shiba is also a lecturer at Tama Art University.


YFC Participants

Yukako Honbo

Playwright, Director, Actor


Yukako Honbo (b. 1990) is a theater director, playwright, actor, and choreographer. She also heads Sekai Gekidan, a theater company based in Ehime Prefecture made up of physicians and medical students. Her performances employ physical theater, and “science poetry,” a unique approach to lyrical prose that utilizes medical terms. A practicing physician, Honbo also explores the possibilities of communication through theater in the field of psychiatry. 

Haruna Hori



©Nagoho Yamamoto

Haruna Hori (b. 1997) is an actor. Since her film debut in 2014 with a leading role in Don't Say That Word, she has starred in multiple films and stage productions. Her work also extends across Asia including her involvement in the Japan-South Korea co-produced film Dai Kanransha (The great ferris wheel, 2019) and East Asia Theater Interaction (EATI) 2019 in Taipei. Hori also has an interest in developmental psychology and human rights. She worked in a preschool for some time while pursuing her career as an actor, and currently majors in clinical developmental psychology in university. In the future, she hopes to merge her interests in film, theater, and education. 

Rei Ohashi

Production Coordinator, Theater Staff


Rei Ohashi (b. 1993) is a production coordinator and theater employee. She spent six years of her childhood in the Middle East, and developed an interest in theater education through the drama classes she attended at the international school there. In university, she studied production planning as well as applied theater as a performing arts major. From 2015 she began working at the Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT (Toyohashi Cultural Foundation), where she has responsibilities in planning and management, education and outreach, public relations, and facilities management, among other areas. 

Naoyuki Sakai 



Photo by Yuya Yoshizaki

Naoyuki Sakai (b. 1991) is a dancer and former member of dance company Co. Yamada Un (2012 – 2019), as well as a lecturer at Dance Well, an initiative that pursues artistic activities with people living with Parkinson’s disease. Sakai explores methodologies that do not rely on the existing framework of choreography or direction. He is currently pursuing his postgraduate education at the Tokyo University of the Arts, creating performances that focus on butoh and film. In 2020, he started the dance project Glocal Training, which involves producing films that are shot from the perspective of the dancer. 

Kapi Shido

Playwright, Director


Photo by Hiroe Yamashita

Kapi Shido (b. 1992) is a writer, playwright, and theater director, as well as a member of the Kyoto-based theater company and artist group Anjū no Chi. She has presented conversational plays that shed light on the anxieties of the modern age through subject matters such as the declining marriage rate of younger generations in Japan. She has also presented work co-written and co-directed with writer and playwright Masaya Okamoto. Shido has been exploring new forms of conversational pieces with the silent play Deatta koto (What was / The facts of our encounter) and the “video play” Hitsudan kissa (Notes from a cafe), both presented in 2020.

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