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APAF2020 Theme

”Anti-Body Experiment”

Junnosuke Tada, APAF Director

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APAF2020 will be held online under the theme “Anti-Body Experiment.”

In light of the current situation, many artists in the performing arts have already started to take action online, streaming footage of past performances or performing conversational theater works on Zoom. These efforts, coming from a love for this art form, have been captivating audiences through their screens. But this conversion of performing arts into online content is ultimately a simulated theater experience for riding out the present situation. We must instead transform online content into performing art, by creating work specially for the online platform or devising new ways of communication where the online environment itself sparks new discoveries. Having the intelligence and resilience to persevere until the spread of the coronavirus subsides is essential, but intelligence and resilience that come into play in keeping the performing arts alive in the current circumstances, is one of the “antibodies” that will be developed in our exposure to the coronavirus, an antibody against “not being able to gather.” Whatever the circumstances may be in October (when the presentations of the programs will be held), in Tokyo and across Asia, we will earnestly confront this reality of “not being able to gather” at APAF2020, as well as carefully consider the tragedies brought about by the pandemic, and the ruptures that it has exposed.
     APAF2020: “Anti-Body Experiment” involves developing resistance, or “antibodies,” that allow us to engage in the performing arts even during future pandemics; it is also an experiment in transforming the online world, in other words the realm of the non-physical (anti-body), into performing art. The choice to hold APAF online is not pessimistic in the least. Through a combination of the strengths of online formats, which overcome distance to create connections, and the performing arts, which help us become aware of what is happening in the here and now, we will work towards creating a future post-coronavirus, where we can coexist with the virus.

APAF2020ディレクターコメント / A Message from Junnosuke Tada, APAF Director

Communication Design

The position of Communication Design Director has been introduced at APAF2020 in order to proactively engage with the issues that emerge at a site of international collaboration that brings together participants from diverse countries and cultures. The aim is to investigate and discuss the implications of different approaches to communication and dialogue, and set out appropriate guidelines.

Nobuko Aiso, Communication Design Director

Nobuko Aiso profile photo

Photo by Fuyumi Murata

Nobuko Aiso is a Tokyo-based Japanese-English interpreter and translator, active mainly in the fields of contemporary art and the performing arts. She is the Co-founder and Director of Art Translators Collective, an organization dedicated to translation and interpreting in the arts. Working closely with artists and arts practitioners, Aiso works to expand the possibilities of intercultural dialogue as a mediator and facilitator. She has spoken at events including the Asia TOPA 2017 storytelling gala Stories for the Dead. Aiso received her BA from Keio University and attended the Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. She spent her formative years in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Harrogate (UK).

APAF2020 Staff Credits

APAF Director

Junnosuke Tada



Facilitators: JK Anicoche, Arsita Iswardhani, Riki Takeda

Program Coordinator: Haruka Kanbayashi


Young Farmers Camp

Facilitator: Yukio Shiba

Program Coordinator: Akiho Tani



Assistant Director: Yoshiki Fujioka, James Adrian Cifra

Program Coordinator: Ayumi Mito


Technical Staff

Online Technical Director: Yuya Ito


Stage Manager: Koki Ura (Stage Work URAK)
Stage Hands: Yukimi Satou (Stage Work URAK), Takahashi Shinri ( Stage Work URAK)
Lighting Designer: Megumi Yamashita (RYU)
Lighting Adviser: Go Ueda (RYU)
Lighting Assistant: Arisa Nagasaka (RYU)
Sound Designer: Masashi Wada
Digital Scenographer/Animator: Kazuki Takakura (Theatre Collective HANCHU-YUEI)
Video Designer/Cinematographer: Koichi Wakui
Video Operator: Yuya Kumekawa
Scenographer/Costume Designer: Miho Shimizu
Scenography Assistant: Kanako Iwanaka
Subtitle/Surtitle Translation: Hibiki Mizuno, Yuki Harukawa, Mana Seike
Subtitle/Surtitle Supervision: Masashi Nukata

Lab presentation Video Editing: Kazuomi Furuya

Communication Design

APAF Communication Design Director: Nobuko Aiso


Art Translation(*Art Translators Collective)

Japanese-English Interpreters: Nobuko Aiso*, Hibiki Mizuno*, Tomoko Momiyama*, Kyle Yamada*

Japanese-English Translators: Nobuko Aiso*, Yasumasa Kawata*, Ben Cagan*, Miwa Monden

Art Translator Assistants: Yuki Harukawa*, Yume Morimoto, Mana Seike


Public Relations

Editor/Writer: Momoko Kawano

Designer: Shun Sasaki,Yoko Nakanishi (AYOND)

APAF Office(syuz’gen)

Chief: Yuko Uematsu

Akiho Tani, Haruka Kanbayashi, Ayumi Mito, Yoshiki Masuda


Tokyo Festival Executive Committee

APAF Department Manager: Satoko Ishitoya


Asian Performing Arts Farm 2020 (APAF2020)

Tuesday, October 20 – Sunday, October 25, 2020


Organizers: Tokyo Festival Executive Committee (Toshima City, Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation, Festival/Tokyo Executive Committee, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture [Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre & Arts Council Tokyo])

Tokyo Festival 2020 logo
Tokyo Tokyo Festival logo
国際アート・カルチャー都市としま ロゴ
Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation logo
フェスティバル/トーキョー ロゴ
東京芸術劇場 ロゴ
アーツカウンシル東京 ロゴ
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