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Join us in witnessing the practices of young artists, and connecting to the possibilities of the performing arts of the future.

Tuesday, October 20 – Sunday, October 25, 2020

Reservations will be available from Saturday, October 10, 10 AM (JST)

Free Admission / Language: Japanese and English

>> Flyer(PDF)

When we made the decision back in May to hold APAF online under the theme “Anti-body Experiment,” we couldn’t have predicted what would happen even a month into the future. Now, the situation remains unchanged. Bringing participants from all over Asia together in Tokyo doesn’t seem like something that will be happening any time soon. This year, we redesigned the programs to suit the online format and held an open call for participants in the summer, before ending up with three times the number of applications as last year, from both Japan and abroad. In this time of the pandemic, now more than ever we find ourselves seeking to connect with the people in different countries and regions that we can no longer meet with in person. I feel that this (along with the fact that there are significantly fewer performing arts productions currently taking place offline) is changing the intrinsic value of our encounters. I’m sure that our audience will have experienced this too. Both the final presentations of the Lab, and the online/offline hybrid performance of the Exhibition will be accessible to a global audience: in other words, each audience member will be linked with the rest of the world while they watch. “Anti-body Experiment,” then, could be considered an experiment in creating new connections and encounters. I look forward to having our audiences make those connections through APAF, both online and physically in Tokyo. 

Junnosuke Tada, APAF Director

 Connection Point 1 

APAF Panel Discussion

"What Will Asian Platforms in the 2030s Look Like?"

  • Online streaming (No reservation required)
    Tuesday, October 20, 19 PM (JST)

The panel discussion will discuss the future – post-coronavirus, beyond 2030 – of Asian performing arts platforms that bring together creators of diverse backgrounds across cultures and nationalities.

Panelists: JK Anicoche (The Philippines), River Lin (Taiwan), Junnosuke Tada (Japan)

Moderator: Kenta Yamazaki (Japan)

>> Profiles (Peatix)​

 Connection Point 2 

Exhibition Performance &
Lab Final Presentations / Feedback Session

Measures will be taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Before attending the events, be sure to check the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre’s website from the link below.

Exhibition Performance

『フレ フレ Ostrich!! Hayupang Die-Bow-Ken!』
+Happy Birthual Tamago Party

  • Online and at the theater  *Reservation required
    Thursday, October 22, 6 PM (JST)
    Friday, October 23, 6 PM (JST)
    Sunday, October 25, 11 AM (JST)

    Social Asia Theater (Online)
    Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Theatre West

    Map >

Lab Final Presentations

  • Online streaming (No reservation required)
    [Part1] Friday, October 23, 3 – 4 PM (JST)
    Presenters: Alexis Kam, Sunayana Premchander, Ness Roque, Keiko Yamaguchi
    *in the order of presentation.

    [Part2] Saturday, October 24, 3 – 4 PM (JST)
    Presenters: Nia Agustina, Shawn Chua, Jun Yi Mah, Boreum Kang
    in the order of presentation.

  • Screening  (No reservation required)
    Friday, October 23, 5 – 9 PM (JST)
    October 24, 11 AM – 9 PM (JST)
    October 25, 11 AM – 4 PM (JST)
    *The presentations will be played on loop.

    Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Atelier East 
    Map >

Lab Feedback Session

  • Online streaming *Reservation required
    Sunday, October 25, 4 – 6:30 PM (JST)

    Guest Speakers:
    River Lin (Taiwan), Daisuke Muto (Japan), Junnosuke Tada (Japan)
    >> Profiles (Peatix)​

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​Program Updates

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